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The purpose of this webpage is to explore what can be done with digital photo technology. I hope that you will have some fun, learn about focus stacking, microscope photography, photogrammetry and more. I will talk about the software, gear and technique that I use. In my blog you can also follow my travels to places that I think is worth visiting, not least for a photographer. I have some advertising and some affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a commission.

3D model made with photogrammetry

Videos made with focus stacking

Photo stacking and 3D Common brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni Citronfjäril, photo Jörgen Hellberg

Video Rose chafer Cetonia aurata, photo Jörgen Hellberg

Rose campion Lychnis coronaria, photo Jörgen Hellberg

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Model of Runic stone,
Model of Runic stone


Peacock butterfly scales, photo Jörgen Hellberg

Focus stacking

Mitutoyo M plan Apo
Mitutoyo M plan Apo 5x

Microscope lenses

Disclosure: This is affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a commission

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