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Wherever I look the world is amazing and fragile                        

Jörgen Hellberg


Jörgen Hellberg
Jörgen Hellberg

As a present from my parents more than 50 years ago I got a toy microscope. I still remember my fascination and my will to show others the amazing parts of the world that was hidden in plain sight. I borrowed my father’s camera and started to take some photos. After a while my interest in photography increased. To my amazement my parents gave me my first camera a Minolta srt 101b. I used it until it came apart.

During the years I have got some experience in photography, from microscope to landscape. On this  web place I am trying to share some of my experience. 

To make a living on this I sell photos and 3D-modells.

If you are a company in the Stockholm/Uppsala region that need macro/microscope photos or photogrammetry you can hire me to set up your own gear and or teach you how to use it. You can also hire me as a photographer If you just need a few pictures. Please note this is more expensive than ordinary product photos. This is because the equipment is quite expensive and usually you need to combine a lot of pictures to have the necessary depth of focus.

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