Focus stacking

Focus stacking is a method used to merge pictures with different focal planes to one single image.

Common blue
Common blue, butterfly ving scales, photo Jörgen Hellberg


Photogrammetry is a technique that combines several pictures of a person or an object into a 3D model.

3d model Trilobite (Flexicalymene retrorsa)
3d model Trilobite (Flexicalymene retrorsa), photo Jörgen Hellberg

Cross eyed stereo

In macro- and microscope photography stereo pictures can be a great help to visualize structures.

Cross eyed Hippeastrum flower
Cross eyed Hippeastrum flower pollen, photo Jörgen Hellberg

Micro panorama

Micro panorama, Lilly pollen
Micro panorama, Lilly pollen, photo Jörgen Hellberg

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