Cross eyed stereo

In macro- and microscope photography stereo pictures can be a great help to visualize structures. There are several different types of stereo pictures. Here are a few cross-eye stereo pictures.

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Red begonia leaf,  Olympus water dipping lens UMPlanFL 20x / 0.50 W oo/0, photo Jörgen Hellberg
Queen of Spain fritillary (Issoria lathonia), Storfläckig pärlemorfjäril, photo Jörgen Hellberg

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Cross eyed stereo photo of a Rose chafer, photo Jörgen Hellberg
Morpho aega pseudocypris, photo Jörgen Hellberg
Butterfly scales Nikon 40x bd plan apo, photo Jörgen Hellberg
The genital aperture of a tick under UV light. I used a Nikon 20x fluor microscope objective.

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