Fireworks are interesting and quite fun to photograph. It can be difficult to find the right settings for the camera. To short and all you catch is some sparks. To long and the entire picture is overloaded with fireworks. For the blue explosion 0.6 seconds was enough but the red flowers needed 13 seconds. Another problem is that you do not know what the designer of the fireworks wants to show. There can be large chrysanthemums covering the sky or a fountain of rapid flowers just in front of you. Therefore, I used a zoom lens, my Canon EF24-70mm f/4L IS USM. Usually it is difficult to use a tripod among a lot of other people. In this case we were sitting down on the ground so I could rest the camera on my knees for the longer exposures. A small aperture helps making the backround black and the fireworks in focus. I used manual focusing and f /8 for the blue and f /20 for the red.

Fireworks, photo Jörgen Hellberg

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