A strange couple, a Greylag goose and a Canada goose

I saw this stange couple, a Greylag goose (Anser anser) and a Canada goose (Branta canadensis) at birdlake Angarnssjöängen on mars 22. I have not seen them afterwards, maybe they realised that they where not a perfect match. When I observed them they swam close together. After eating simultaneously for a while they tried to […]

Spring is coming to Bergius Botanic Garden

In just a few weeks it seems like spring is finally coming to Bergius Botanic Garden. Below is some pictures showing some of the flowers and animals that can be seen in the garden. Due to Corona virus The Edvard Anderson Conservatory is closed until the 13th of April. Almost alone I must have been […]

First common European adder this year

The fact that the spring is a couple of weeks early this year have made me start looking for snakes earlier than usual. Found this common European adder (Vipera berus) or Huggorm on mars 14. In Sweden we only have three species of snakes, the common European adder is the only poison one. The zigzag […]

Sun pillar

A Sun pillar or in Swedish “Vertikalpelare” is a light phenomenon that is created by tiny flat horizontal ice crystals. For this photo I used a Cannon 400 mm lens. I was standing near bird lake Angarnssjöängen and the Sun set was above Vallentuna.

Early spring at Angarnssjöängen

Whooper swan, Sångsvan (Cygnus cygnus) Last week had a couple of nice sunny days. So I took the opportunity to walk around the bird lake Angarnsjsöängen.

Nikon Plan Apo 20x infinity microscope objective

The Nikon Plan Apo 20x infinity microscope objective have been reasonably priced on eBay lately. I bought mine for USD 130.00. Note that the working distance is only 1.0mm Used as intended, with a coverslip, the objective performs well inside its good image circle. Here is a picture of microscope slide I borrowed; this is […]

Cross eyed stereo, butterfly wing scales

Usually I photograph butterfly scales with the intention to make a beautiful image. This time I wanted to have a photo with a different approach. This is a small part of a butterfly wing with some damage. A few scales have fallen off entirely, leaving a part of the wing without any scales. Two dislodged […]


A panorama made from 4 stacks. Nikon ELWD plan fluor 20x objective lens. Butterfly scales from a Peacock butterfly, photo Jörgen Hellberg.

I have just added a section about visualization from one single stack of photos

A picture can sometimes be difficult to interpret. What is it I am looking at, what part of the subject in the picture is closest to me and what parts are further away? There are methods like this rocking GIF that can be used for better visualisation of a single stack of photos.  Read more […]

Now on line: Photogrammetry step 5 – using stacked pictures

Photogrammetry makes it possible to store, view and share information about a subject in 3D. But the technique has some limitations. One is that you need sharp photos of the subject you want to make a 3D model of. In macro photography the shallow depth of field can therefore be a problem. One time consuming […]

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