Morpho aega pseudocypris

The colurs of Morpho butterflies are stunning, but photographing Morpho wingscales are new to me. This is a photo of what I expected a Morpho to look like – a didius argentiferus from the Swedish Natural History Museum It turned out that, at least some, Morphos can be quite difficult to photograph. This is a […]


Fireworks are interesting and quite fun to photograph. It can be difficult to find the right settings for the camera. To short and all you catch is some sparks. To long and the entire picture is overloaded with fireworks. For the blue explosion 0.6 seconds was enough but the red flowers needed 13 seconds. Another […]

I have just aded a section about Baltic amber

Ant in Baltic amber, photographed with Mitutoyo M plan apo 20x objective. Baltic amber are said to be from 44 million years ago. If you want to photograph insects or other amber inclusions you have to chose carefully to find nice objects that are close to the surface. A water dipping objective and submerging the […]

In the eye of the beholder

For those how have a chance, I do recommend a visit to the Swedish Natural History Museum in Stockholm. The museum has a world class exhibition about the Swedish nature. The exhibition is a very good example of how you can make a modern exhibition that have something for all ages, for those how want […]

Christmas in the greenhouse

Until December 12, it is Christmas in Edward Andersson’s greenhouse. If you have children or grandchildren, just hurry up if you want to show the plants that are behind the smells and flavors of Christmas. Here you will find cinnamon, chocolate, almonds, nuts and much more to smell and feel. As usual, you can get […]

Butterfly scales with a pollen grain

Yesterday and today I was using two different microscope objectives first an infinite Nikon 40x ELWD. This one has a correction collar that makes it useful for pictures with and without a coverslip. It can be adjusted for glass thickness from 0 to 2mm. With this objective I made a stereo picture of a butterfly […]

A winter day at Angarnssjöängen

While the most northern parts of Sweden can enjoy the polar night. The Stockholm area have more than 6 hours of daylight from a low standing sun. This makes it possible to take photos that usually only can be acquired at early mornings or late evenings. This is a lunch time panorama, pointing the camera […]

Compensating variation an old trick – and another Cross eyed stereo

This is a Nikon microscope plan apo 20x, NA 0.75, 160mm objective. The working distance is quite short 0.64 mm according to a Nikon brochure. This lens is not intended to be used without a coverslip. If you use a high NA objective without a coverslip the picture does not form correctly. But what do […]

Added a picture to the Cross eyed stereo page

I have done some single pictures of this subject that can be seen as the photo of the day here. To make it easier to see the inner structure I yesterday made a cross eyed picture and added it to the Cross eyed stereo page. The first time I was able to view a cross […]

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