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Checkered lily, (Fritillaria meleagris), Kungsängslilja

In Swedish the Checkered lily (Fritillaria meleagris) is named Kungsängslilja. It was described by Linné 1745. The lily was at this time found at Kungsängen close to Linneaus’ country home Hammarby. They still grow just outside the city of Uppsala in Kungsängens nature reserve.

In the eye of the beholder

For those how have a chance, I do recommend a visit to the Swedish Natural History Museum in Stockholm. The museum has a world class exhibition about the Swedish nature. The exhibition is a very good example of how you can make a modern exhibition that have something for all ages, for those how want […]

Christmas in the greenhouse

Until December 12, it is Christmas in Edward Andersson’s greenhouse. If you have children or grandchildren, just hurry up if you want to show the plants that are behind the smells and flavors of Christmas. Here you will find cinnamon, chocolate, almonds, nuts and much more to smell and feel. As usual, you can get […]

A winter day at Angarnssjöängen

While the most northern parts of Sweden can enjoy the polar night. The Stockholm area have more than 6 hours of daylight from a low standing sun. This makes it possible to take photos that usually only can be acquired at early mornings or late evenings. This is a lunch time panorama, pointing the camera […]

Photo of the day – A cold morning at lake Vallentuna sjön

The northern parts of lake Vallentuna have been a favourite place for more than 40 years. For a long time, the windmill Väsby kvarn on the hill have been a well-known landmark. If you search the internet you might even find some old pictures of this windmill with A and B, two members of a […]

A visit to Wira bruk in Upland

On my way back from Häverö prästäng a nature reserve in Northern Upland I decided to make a short stop at Wira bruk. Today this is a beautiful and peaceful little village, perfect for a half an hour walk. The forge started 1635 and produced swords. In more peaceful times they made scythes and axes. […]

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